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Villa for Sale/Rent in Jumeirah Park

Jumeirah Park Overview

The Jumeirah park project is Developed By Nakheel Properties at the heart of Dubai .It is one of the most awaited projects in Dubai. The Project Features three unique themes, Heritage, Regional and Legacy. Each villa cluster represents a particular theme equipped with three small or large, and four or five-bedroom villas combined with car parks, terrace area .They are Environmentally-friendly and consist of green spaces and other amenities. Jumeirah park villas are suitable for family life in Dubai. It is sought out to be Nakheel’s next big development from the visionaries of both residential, retail prestigious developers. Buying a villa in Jumeirah Park Project so far has been a promising investment, buy villa in jumeirah park, or rent one of our Jumeirah park villas.

Jumeirah Park developed by Nakheel, is a prestigious community, consisting of different views, community and road views, it consists of department stores, banks, pharmacies and cafes. Nothing that provides comfort and leisure is out of the reach for Jumeirah Park residents.

The core community values at Jumeirah park villas are peace, privacy and quality.

Jumeirah Park is a modern residential community of creatively designed villa clusters bordered by landscaped gardens. The promising location of the villas ensures convenience to major residential & business hubs in Dubai like JLT, Sheikh Zayed Road, Jebel Ali, Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Marina.
Jumeirah Park in the best place to buy or rent a Villa in Dubai.

Located at the heart of Dubai's most desirable residential district, Jumeirah Park is a secure, family-orientated residential community spread over 350 hectares. The community contains 2,000 stylish, luxury family villas, surrounded by expansive, verdant, eco-friendly parks and green spaces, as well as a host of integrated amenities.


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Jumeirah Park Master Plan

Click here to View Interactive Jumeirah Park Master Plan

Legacy Floor Plans

Legacy Small Three Bedrooms Villa   Built Up Area: 3063 sq.ft   Loggia and Entrance Area: 181 sq.ft     Terrace Area: 325 sq.ft    Total Area: 3569 sq.ft (331.6 sq.m) Legacy Large Three Bedrooms Villa   Built Up Area: 3527 sq.ft   Loggia and Entrance Area: 301 sq.ft   Terrace Area: 201 sq.ft   Total Area: 4035 sq.ft (374.9 sq.m) Legacy Four Bedrooms Villa   Built Up Area: 4335 sq.ft   Loggia and Entrance Area: 260 sq.ft   Terrace Area: 256 sq.ft   Total Area: 4851 sq.ft (450.67 sq.m) Legacy Five Bedrooms Villa   Built Up Area: 4689 sq.ft   Loggia and Entrance Area: 409 sq.ft   Terrace Area: 381 sq.ft   Total Area: 5479 sq.ft (509 sq.m) Watch Video Jumeirah Park Villas Home

Regional Floor Plans

Regional Small Three Bedrooms Villa  Built Up Area: 3063 sq.ft  Loggia and Entrance Area: 173 sq.ft  Terrace Area: 376 sq.ft  Total Area: 3612 sq.ft (335.56 sq.m) Regional Large Three Bedrooms Villa  Built Up Area: 3527 sq.ft  Loggia and Entrance Area: 282 sq.ft  Terrace Area: 188 sq.ft  Total Area: 3997 sq. ft(371.3 sq.m) Regional Four Bedrooms Villa  Built Up Area: 4335 sq.ft  Loggia and Entrance Area: 311 sq.ft  Terrace Area: 425 sq.ft  Total Area: 5071 sq.ft (471.1 sq.m) Regional Five Bedrooms Villa  Built Up Area: 4689 sq. ft  Loggia and Entrance Area: 366 sq.ft  Terrace Area: 394 sq.ft  Total area: 5449 sq.ft (506.2 sq.m) Watch Video Jumeirah Park Villas Home